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The classic pocket spring mattress stands for ergonomic sleeping comfort and outstanding lying properties. Above all, the ergonomic adaptation to all body regions makes the mattress a real all-rounder. Especially heavy persons experience an echoic advantage here. The spring core namely points elastic and thus ensures a good night’s sleep. In addition, there is also an ideal condition with regard to ventilation. The mattress ensures an excellent sleeping climate in an instant. Added to this is the high-quality workmanship, which of course perfectly supports the comfortable feeling of lying.

The mattress does not have to be turned, which is particularly advantageous in terms of care.

Advantages of the mattress

Excellent sleeping comfort The pocket spring mattress manages to create an ergonomic and healthy sleeping comfort with high-quality workmanship. It adapts perfectly to all body regions and convinces with its high point elasticity. The air circulation is also exemplary.

Hygienic The mattress is designed so that it does not have to be turned. Due to the special construction, it scores with perfect hygienic conditions. It can be cleaned with furniture shampoo if necessary and reliably prevents both mite and mold.

Value for money The price-performance ratio of the mattress is really impressive. Here you invest in a high-quality mattress, which could hardly convince above all in terms of the price because it is more than fair.

Value for money mattress

For a spring mattress, the price of the mattress really surprisingly low; and that although the quality can definitely score on the whole line! The investment in the pocket spring mattress is definitely worth it. In particular, compared to other mattresses of this type, you can ideally save up to 50 percent. But comfort does not have to be waived. In this respect, this is a great investment in your own health, which nevertheless does not cause high costs.

Test conclusion to the mattress

The affordable pocket spring mattress presents itself of high quality and therefore stands for high sleeping comfort and equally an ideal sleeping environment. The purchase of this mattress pays off for many reasons. A limitation is certainly the non-removable cover that can only be cleaned with a shampoo. Explore huge range of branded Mattress Sale online at affordable price.